Nora Barton


Nora Barton is a cellist, sound artist, event producer and educator. She strives to cultivate creative collaborations outside the ordinary classical box and is always in search of space to enhance with fresh art and sound experiences. Currently residing in the Cincinnati area, Nora is grateful for the years she lived in Chicago and the endless creative opportunities afforded to her. She is a founding member of the contemporary music collective ensemble and experimental improvisational piano trio NbN, as well as cellist in punk marching band Mucca Pazza, mbira-based space jam trio ExtraOcular, and chamber rock orchestra Origin of Animal.

Outside of performing and recording, Nora organized concerts for the Chicago chapter of Classical Revolution, providing access to chamber music performances in a variety of unexpected public spaces. She also assembled string ensembles for Bluewater Kings Band, one of Chicago’s busiest wedding bands.

Most of Nora’s latest work is the creation of ethereal soundscapes by playing her cello through effects pedals. As Planchette, she finds warmth in harsh sounds and unexpected inspiration in the minutiae of near-silence through improvisation, delayed loops, and acoustic resonance. Her debut solo album “around the bend” was released in February 2020 and can be heard on all services.

She holds degrees from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and Roosevelt University.