ACM’s 18th Annual Sound Of Silent Film Festival

About the Program

Tonight’s concert features the work of four world-class composers and 13 renowned musicians, performing nine compositions that spotlight historically overshadowed instruments.

The program features the concert debut of three film scores, the first performance in over 20 years of Ribbons of Thought, and highlighted solos by instruments that typically act in a more supporting role.

The concert is composed by San Diego-based Brad Beyenhof, and Chicago-based Amos Gillespie, Trevor Patricia Watkin, and Amy Wurtz. Furthermore, 7 of the 13 members of the ensemble of are guest musicians from San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Chicago.

During the concert, the bassoonist will perform with electric guitar pedals during the premiere of Joyride Scherzo, the double bass and English horn will spar with the ensemble as equal partners in a highly technical role during These Questions Three, and the viola will claim its rightful place of dominance in Five Movements for Nonet.

“Amos Gillespie’s new adaptation for the English horn is one of the most notable features of the evening, as this is an instrument almost invariably relegated to lyrical, plaintive solos, whereas These Questions Three rejects this notion outright,” Watkin said.

“​​As a player who has a lot of technique and rarely gets to display it, I definitely wish composers would allow me to show off my fast fingers once in a while,” performer Andrea Overturf said. “It’s not a side of the English horn often heard.”

A reception and art exhibition featuring mixed media assemblage sculptures by Overturf will begin at 6 p.m. with the concert to follow at 7 p.m.


Brad Beyenhof
Ribbons of Thought
Amos Gillespie
These Questions Three*
Amy Wurtz
Trevor Patricia Watkin
Joyride Scherzo**
My Son Thomas*
Five Movements for Nonet*
Of Sound and Line*
* West Coast Premiere
** World Premiere


Brad Beyenhof


Amos Gillespie


Trevor Patricia Watkin

Conductor & Composer

Amy Wurtz

Composer & Pianist


Johanna Borenstein

Flute & Piccolo

Traci Huff


Andrea Overturf

Oboe & English horn

Daniel Thatcher

Double Bass

Cory Tiffin

Clarinet & Bass Clarinet

David Whitman


Airan Wright


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