The Uncanny Art of Andrea Overturf

Prior to the performance on Saturday, April 15th, you will enjoy an exhibition of Ms. Overturf’s work, catered by local small businesses. And rather than summarize the artist’s point of view, I refer instead to her direct words:

Spending most of my time between performing classical music and creating visual art, one could say I have both feet firmly planted in the arts. While music may be my first love, art has always served as solace in my life. In my work I like to incorporate various juxtapositions and explore contrasts: light and dark, whimsy and drama, fantasy and concrete, strength and vulnerability, modernity and antiquity. I enjoy finding quirkiness in the mundane, refinement in the grotesque, humor in the macabre, the layers beneath the surface.

Much of my work primarily falls under the broad category of mixed media assemblage. I enjoy giving new life to the discarded and forgotten and often incorporate found objects that cross my path. Many pieces incorporate up-cycled porcelain dolls with newly sculpted features and painted in acrylics. I tend to anthropomorphize inanimate objects and machines, so many pieces end up having a face somewhere.

Growing up on a steady diet of classic monster movies and stop-motion animation, I have always been inspired by oddities, curiosities, the unnatural and the quirky. Monsters, chimeras, machines, and kinetic sculpture often seem to find influence on my creations. I draw inspiration from a wide reference of culture and periods and seek to create pieces that have elements from many, giving the piece a feel of indistinguishable age and era.


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